Monday, January 12, 2009

Adaptive glasses

Josh Silver, a professor of physics at Oxford University, is currently working on a new pair of glasses that will offer vision correction to a billion of the world's poorest folks by the time 2020 rolls around. What makes this invention special is the glasses can be "tuned" by the wearer without having the need for an optician, in short - an adaptive pair of glasses. To date, 30,000 of such spectacles have already been distributed across 15 countries although Silver and his team hopes to launch a trial in India that involves a million pairs. The target within a few years' time would be an ambitious 100 million pairs annually. These glasses work by featuring plastic lenses that hold a couple of transparent circular sacs filled with fluid. Individual sacs are hooked up to a tiny syringe attached to either arm of the spectacles, where one is able to adjust a dial on the syringe to ensure just the right amount of correction in the lens power.

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